General Supplies

We are a reliable dependable supplier of all general supplies, motor vehicle, and their spare parts, ICT Equipment, Appliances, Construction and On-Site Materials and logistics services for household, Company / Corporate Organization offices, Government agencies, churches, hotels, Hospitals and Industries.

At Akita Uganda, we understand that a large number of people, companies, organizations, etc. are in need of many items that they really have to purchase but having the chance of knowing the right place to buy them has been a problem to them. And this is where the Akita Uganda General Supplies comes in to save you from this burden.

We are fully compliant with the relevant trade licenses and we work hand in hand with leading partners in the Automobile industry, Household appliance industry and the packaged food business, office stationery, construction to give you access to products that are of superior quality, innovative, competitively priced and delivered when you need them. That’s why we are a preferred supply partner to our existing and potential Clients on-demand.

Our General Supplies Services

  • Steel pipes, Steel plates, Stainless steel pipes.
  • Tiles, Artificial turf, Glass, Roofing, Insulation, and Timber.
  • Steel culverts, H beams, and valves & fittings.
  • Stone & granite for flooring, Flooring, Hardwood.
  • Laminated flooring, Metal Framing & Gypsum, Adhesives.
  • Caulk & Sealant, WPC Decking, Z piles, Cement, Gravel, Sand.
  • Bricks & Stones, Paints, Stains & Accessories, Cabinets..
    Construction Cement for Building

    Construction Cement

    gravel and Crushed Stone for Construction

    gravel and Crushed Stone for Construction

We partner with the leading Printing services providers to offer quality corporate, Institutional and Organizational printing services and overall communications solutions. These include the following: –

  • Marketing Material
  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Take-over Documents
  • Environmental Reports
  • Prospectus and Scheme Booklets,
  • Proxy Forms and Custom Forms.
All Printer Cartridges and All printing Materials

All Printer Cartridges and Printing Materials

All Kinds of Printers ranging from HP, Brother printers

All Kinds of Printers ranging from HP, Brother, Canon, and Kyocera

We Supply agro-based products, Any quantity from any manufacture at any time  in bulk to Private Business /Companies, NGOs, Government Agencies. Our services include the following.

  • Rice (All kinds of Packed rice ).
  • Beans and Baked Beans.
  • Maize meal sifted,
  • Salt, Sugar,
  • Deep Frying Oil.
  • Meat on Bones.
  • Green Grams.
Agro Product Fruits

Agro Product Fruits

High Quality Packed Millet, Rice, and Maize flour

High Quality Packed Millet, Rice, and Maize flour