Akita is a full service, fully equipped company that executes among other road construction projects. We have a fleet of trucks and excavation equipment. From huge tracked backhoes and excavators for the major work of excavation, road building, and site clearing and preparation to the smaller bobcats for finishing work and smaller-scale renovations and landscaping


Every country place needs paths to order the activity-from road to the house, house to the garden. A new house will need a whole new network of walkways, and every new family moving into an established dwelling will have its own foot-traffic requirements. Akita’s design methodology starts with a simple but critical question which goes beyond given sites or clients’ brief. How do we blend natural beauty with the current architectural design in place?

Besides understanding the site and the brief, we find out what impact the project can contribute to society and the environment. Each project starts with developing a method to collect and analyze data from site surveys and researches. Along the way, we also develop design strategies to tackle not only fundamental issues of the project but also future challenges.

highway construction

At Akita (U) Ltd we build from the smallest infrastructure to the largest. Highways are one the various constructs Akita does, we build infraststructures that last for generations where future gens will just refurbish the constructs. Our employees are experts at their work so they work day and night to bring out the best of them selves and produce the best not only to the country but also worlwide