The Soroti sports Complex

The Soroti sports Complex is going to be a sports complex based in Eastern Uganda’s district of Soroti aimed at providing superior sports education and training in a variety of sports both indoor and outdoor like swimming, lacrosse, field hockey and soccer among others for children as well as their parents and friends generating revenue by membership fees, field rentals, events, and summer camp fees.

It is going to have a central clubhouse with changing rooms, a restaurant and patio space overlooking a soccer field and a turf field. An indoor gym as well as a weights room provides the opportunity to train year around. In the future it plans to incorporate a track around the soccer field in order to generate more revenues by hosting track meets and provide players that are aiming to get college scholarships with a total package of what is needed to make it. To allow easy access and convenient travel it is going to have a parking lot close to the facility with a car washing bay.

Soroti sports complex is well ahead of competition, with impressive integrated income stream generators:
➢ A Football complex which prepares youth for a career in professional football, both nationally and internationally.
➢ SSC partnership with Top international Sports agencies, to offer injury recovery, player performance management for players and club members.
➢ A professional football club which will operate in the Nation.
➢ An educational-sports infrastructure to be built for high quality education, matches, football related training, injury recovery, courses, tournaments and other events.

The SSC will have following sports activities: –
o Football
o Base ball
o Basket ball
o Net ball
o Tennis
o Valley ball
o Swimming
o Boxing
o Karate
o Indoor games and sports
o Athletics etc.

The complex will also incorporate other income generating activities for sustainability of the sports complex. These will include: –

Car washing bay
Day and night parking services
Conference facilities for hire
Hire of grounds for events and crusades
Gym and sauna

A restaurant

Artistic impression of the part of the sports complex

Arial view of the swimming pool side of the sports complex

Project details
Contact Info
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  • [email protected]
  • Mon - Sat 09:00 - 17:00