General COnsultancy Services

At Akita Uganda Limited, We are dedicated to offer independent professional advice on both long and short-term business investments custom-made to your individual needs, circumstances and risk profile to national technocrats, individuals and companies who would like in Uganda and Neighboring Country.

We strive to continuously provide quality services on a wide array of areas to Ugandan investors, Employees, Ugandans working abroad regarding investment.

Our services include the following

  1. Industrial and Corporate Pre-Investment Services
  2. Assistance in obtaining any necessary licenses and permits.
  3. IT Consultancy.
  4. Contract Management Consultancy Services
  5. Conflict Resolution and Management Consultancy
  6. Providing information to investors on the business climate, operating rules, investment opportunities and sources of capital.
  7. Liaison with other government agencies for the issuance of additional licenses and approvals not directly handled by the Authority.